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About Me

Bespoke cinematic event videography that stays out of the way so you can focus on your day...

Hello, i'm Josh :) I'm a professional videographer and filmmaker and have been shooting weddings, events, documentaries and branded content for several years. You can see my other work at My style is to be unobtrusive, to film simply and candidly, allowing me to capture the beauty that naturally exists when people come together and when people feel relaxed. From a wedding or special event film, we want to feel the energy of that day. We want to see the people and the things we love and we want to portray you or your brand as uniquely beautiful as you are. You don't need drones, or complex filming and editing techniques to achieve this. All I need is your special occasion, and you can leave the rest to me. I'll guarantee you a beautiful film that you'll want to watch again and again. 


Videography Services

Ultimately, we can create whatever film you're dreaming of, but in case you're unsure of what you want, here are some suggestions...

Speeches, Ceremony, Stage Talks

I can make you a highlight film plus also film important bits like the speeches and or the ceremony in their entirety, and send you those as separate videos to cherish. I can also cut in some audio from the speeches into the highlights film.

Highlights Film - The Main Event

I make bespoke highlight films that usually consist of all or part of your event. These can be anything from 3 to 10 minutes long and edited to capture the magic and energy of your event and usually have backing music driving the images.

Highlights Film +  Speeches/ Ceremony

If you don't need a highlights film, but want the speeches and/or ceremony or stage talks captured with single or multiple camera angles, I can do that. As a professional videographer, you can ensure the highest standard.

Documentary Style Film

We could make something extra special and cut the speeches into the highlights film to drive the narrative in a epic documentary like fashion? We could even shoot separate interviews altogether and grab some testimonials from your guests and loved ones to make for a really emotive, memorable film. Let's chat and figure out exactly what you want.


All films can be tailored and prices may vary depending on requirements but roughly start from £899 excluding expenses such as travel and music licensing. Email me and let's find out exactly what you want from your event film.


Whether you're getting married, having a Christening or celebrating any other special religious or life event and want the energy of the day captured with cinematic videography, get in touch and see how my bespoke wedding videography services and packages can help savour your special memories forever.


 We shoot all kinds of other events too, so if you're in need of a professional event videographer to shoot and edit content that speaks your brands message, we are here for you.

“We couldn’t believe what a brilliant job you'd done... you did a fantastic job creating a truly magical memory of our wedding”


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