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Founder and Director Josh

Founder and Director Josh set up ConsciousFilmCo in an attempt to align his values with his creative video practice, and began working with charities, businesses & change makers who are trying to make a positive impact on the health of our society.

The journey has evolved along the way to include working for an eclectic mix of clients involved in various industries, creative practices and events.



During this current climate of crisis and breakdown left right and centre, its time to harness our skills and power to move us forward into a healthier, more caring, fairer, more sustainable & creative world for all.


Using our skills as filmmakers and storytellers, our mission is to wake up the most evolved and engaging messages you have to share with the world, so you can communicate the good you do.

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Whether you're a charity, business, institution, event or individual, contact us to see how our video and film production services can help you connect with your audiences, and share your message.

With a range of video and photographic services, find out how we can help you...

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